SGNC Regular Sunday Service Schedule 

10:00 AM Keertan Asa Di Vaar by Bhai Saheb Amarjeet Singh Ji

11:15 AM Keertan by Youth members of Sangat

11:45 AM Keertan by Bhai Saheb Amartjeet Singh Ji & Jatha

12:45 PM Vichaar / Keertan by Sangat

01:00 PM Anand Saheb & Bhog of Program

01:30 PM Langar

* 1st Sunday of each month, complete Asa Di Vaar is performed


SGNC GurPurab Programs

SGNC celebrates five primary Gurpurab programs

  • Parkaash Day of Guru Gobind Singh Jee
  • Shahidi Day of Guru Arjan Dev Jee
  • Vaisaakhee
  • Gurtaa Gaddi Day of Guru Granth Saheb Jee
  • Parkaash Day of Guru Naanak Dev Jee

Gurpurab celebrations include either Sahaj Paath or Akhand Paath recited by members of Sangat. Keertan programs are arranged on Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings. Generally a visiting Ragi Jathaa is invited. Emails are sent on a timely basis to announce GurPurab programs. To join the sgnc email list, please use the Join Our List field to the right.


Personally Hosted Services

Gurudwara Saheb encourages local Sangat members to use the SGNC facilities to host Keertan programs. Sangat members may also invite Bhai Saheb Amarjeet Singh Ji to a Keertan programs at their homes. Please contact Gurudwara management first to arrange these programs.